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~ What is a Design Consultation, and why do I have to have one?
A Design Consultation is required before every portrait session so we can discuss your needs and expectations and review our recommendations. Clothing harmony, hair, make-up, and jewelry will be discussed, along with family member’s names, children’s ages, and insight to personalities and relationships. Attention to detail is what makes a difference.

~ How long will my session last?
Studio sessions are booked with plenty of time allowed to pay attention to details. This is not “fast-food” photography; appointment times do not overlap, and every effort is made for your comfort and convenience. Sessions vary from a 30- minute Executive Business portrait to a two hour Newborn session. Relax and enjoy “the Experience”.

~ What will my investment be?
The answer to “how much?” depends on many things: which session you are interested in– Signature or Contemporary/Studio or Location; what type of finished portraits you are looking for– Art Print/Canvas Gallery Wrap or Artistic Impressions Painted Portraits; what size finished portraits you need– Gallery Portraits or Gift Portraits; and what type of framing you will need, box framing or custom? All of these questions can be answered during your Design Consultation.

~ Can I get digital copies my images?
Yes, you can! Prices vary depending on the number of images purchased.

~ After my session, how will I see my images?
Your portrait represents an important investment and we are happy to assist you in the selection process. You will be scheduled for a projection order session in our studio within a few days after your session. With this system, you are able to see your images larger than life in order to appreciate the fine details and give you confidence that you have made the right decision.

~ How long will the Order Session last?
Please allow at least one to one half hours to review your images. Final orders should be placed at that time. It is our experience that children do not have the patience to sit through the order session; therefore we request that only adult decision makers be present.

~ Will my pictures be retouched?
Not before your order session, but image enhancement to soften facial lines and remove blemishes, etc. is included at no additional charge on all finished portraits.

~ What form of payment do you take?
We accept cash, check, VISA or Mastercard.

~ How long will it be once I place my order?
Depending on your choice of framing, or type of session, your order should be ready for pick up between four to six weeks, unless otherwise noted.

~ Do you have any type of guarantee?
Absolutely. All images are printed on archival paper or canvas. Thomas Bruce Studio provides a Lifetime Warranty for your portraits against fading of the original color and/or brilliance. EXCEPTION: it is our recommendation that portraits not be displayed in direct sunlight to prevent fading. Those that are will not be covered under this warranty.

~ How do I make an appointment?
Call us at 727.577.5626. Appointments by email are discouraged as it’s too hard to keep up in a timely manner. Should you receive our voicemail system, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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